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At Easy Transitions 101, we have been helping our clients by providing Fast, Reliable & Sometimes FREE Clean Out & Junk Removal Services, Auctions & Estate Sales in an effort to make their life’s transitions a little easier for the past 25 years!
What sets us apart from other clean out and junk removal companies, is that we educate our clients on the best way to make life’s transitions (downsizing, divorce and death) a little easier and even profitable for them by getting them cash for their “trash”!

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Clean Out & Junk Removal

Here at Easy Transitions 101, we are not your average clean out and junk removal company. For 20+ years we have been helping people transition from one life circumstance to another (due to downsizing, divorce or death) by educating them on the best ways to make these transitions easier, and even profitable, by suggesting alternatives to throwing their trash away.

You see, all too often, when a client needs junk removed from a property, they don’t realize the possible monetary potential of the trash they plan on throwing away. So instead of taking advantage, we educate our clients on the value (if any) of the trash they were going to get rid of and put money back in their pockets by getting them cash for their trash. How do we do this?

Our weekly public auctions, estate sales, on-site auctions and property auction expertise are all ways that we have helped our clients get cash for their trash and make a stressful situation a little easier. Call us TODAY!


With our 25 years experience buying and selling Antiques & Collectibles, and our connections to local Auction Houses, we educate our clients on the value of the “trash” they were going to throw away.

We hold regular Monday night auctions and our clean out and junk removal clients have the option to consign with us and make money at auction on the “trash” they were otherwise going to throw away and/or their clean out and junk removal service is FREE.

What You Can Expect to Find:

  • Antique Furniture
  • Vintage Collectibles
  • Collectible Toys & Games
  • Household Items & More

Every Monday Night at 14 W. Winona Ave at 6:30PM we hold a public auction.

No Deposit is taken, just bring valid photo ID.

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Estate Sales

Estate Sales are an excellent way to liquidate the contents of a property. In an effort to make difficult transitions in our clients lives a little easier, we host estate sales, and on-site and off-site property auctions.

For more information about our services and how we can help you, contact us today!

Discount Store Going Out of Business Auction
Saturday, June 15, 2019 starting at 12:00 PM

Chester Discount Store Going Out of Business Auction!

Local discount store is going out of business and EVERYTHING MUST GO!

The building is already sold and now the contents are up for auction:

Household items, Men & Women Hair Products, School Supplies, Office Supplies and so much more!

Auction Address: 600 Avenue of the States, Chester, PA
Auction Date: Saturday, June 15th starting at 12:00 PM

Please contact us for more info: 1 (800) 329-1327

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